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Breed Standard


As a rule, the head is proportionate to the body of the animal, broad between the eyes, while short from the eyes to the point of the muzzle. The forelock between the eyes should be wide, long and bushy. The muzzle should be short, though very broad in front, and with the nostrils fully distended.

In bulls, the horns should be strong, and come level out of the head, slightly inclining forward and also slightly rising toward the points, although some breeders have a preference for a downward curve, which is allowable.

The horns of the cows can follow either of two directions: some come out squarer from the head than the male, rise sooner, and are somewhat longer; others come more level from the head, with a back set curve, and a very wide sweep.


Neck and Shoulder

The neck should be altogether clear and without dewlap below. It should form a straight line from the head to the shoulder in the cow, but in the mature bulls should have that distinct crest common to male animals of the bovine species giving a decidedly masculine appearance.

The shoulder should be thick and should fill out greatly as it descends from the point to the lower extremity of the foreleg.


Back, Body and Hindquarters

From behind the shoulder, the back should be fully developed and well rounded. Any slight sinking or hollow is decidedly objectionable. It should also be straight as possible. The ribs should spring boldly out and be both well rounded and deep.

When measured across the hips the breadth should be very great, and the quarters should be exceedingly well developed from the hips backwards. The thighs should also be well developed and should show great fullness. Viewed generally, the hindquarters should be square between the hips and the tail, and from between the tail right down to between the hind feet.

The legs, both before and behind, should be of moderate length and strong, the bones strong, broad and straight, the hoofs well set in and lacking faults, the legs well feathered with hair. The animal should be set wide between the forelegs, and it should move with great dignity and style.

The cows should have well attached udders with a strong centre line and four teats of moderate length for easy milking by the calf. The scrotum on the bull should be well developed and pendulant with two testes of equal size and shape. Testicles size in a yearling bull has a high correlation with his fertility and the rate of maturity of his daughters.


The Hair

The hair, of which there should be a great profusion, should be long and gracefully waved. The predominant color is red but brindled, yellow, white, dun, silver dun, and black are also acceptable. There is no proven correlation between hair color and animal performance. Most of the larger herds have animals of differing colors but a few breeders have chosen to breed for a specific shade.


Different Colours



Light Red

Silver Dun
(silver dun have grey noses)

(white have red noses)

White & Red

Dark Red